Registration deadline for Live Training

Idea created by Zoe Fisher on Jul 16, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Marla Cormier
    • Zoe Fisher
    • Allison Kemp
    • Jarod Newman
    • Joe Kleine
    • Kym Ferrando
    • Adam Arthur

    We need to close registration about a week in advance of the event in order to prepare enough materials and secure catering. I was told that the best workaround for this is to change the seating capacity to the number of people registered a week before the event (e.g., if registration closes on Monday and 16 people are registered by that day, then change the capacity to 16 so that no further registrants can add themselves). I would like to see a setting added to Live Trainings that includes a "Registration Close Date" as an option below the date of the live training.