Separate the features of expiration and auto re-enrollment

Idea created by Bente Ryan on Jul 23, 2019
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    • Cassie Dierker
    • Bente Ryan
    • Lorena Mattiolo
    • Hayley Bowling

    Separate the features of expiration and auto re-enrollment and allow for self-enrollment also


    We have a set number of mandatory courses with auto re-enrollment activated.  We currently allocate 30 days for the completion of the courses. We have had some staff that have "completed" their mandatory training prior to the course being issued as they are going on extended leave. This obviously doesn't register as a learning event and is somewhat problematic as staff will be issued learning whilst on leave. It makes sense for staff that they complete it early as it is a requirement for employment. It also aligns with our focus on staff taking responsibility for their own learning.


    From this perspective, it would be ideal if the expiration date and the auto re-enrollment features were not inter-dependent and staff could self-enrol prior to auto-enrollment. We could then expire the course immediately after that the course completion, and the auto re-enrolment is activated 30 days from the due date. auto re-enroll, mandatory courses