Ability to add Alt Text to Cover Slide Images

Idea created by Adam Arthur on Jul 26, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Randy Palmer
    • bma
    • Gretchen Smith
    • Zoe Fisher
    • Allison Kemp
    • Adam Arthur
    • christine bunting
    • Scott Blackwood

    It was just brought to my attention that the Course Cover Slide images have no method to add an Alt Text.  Alt Text is crucial to accessibility/usability and the lack of it on the cover page of trainings (Courses currently) is making me start to question the accessibility/usability of several aspects of Bridge.


    For example, in the learning library, doesn't that cover slide image show up to try to preview/advertise what would be covered in the course?  I did not think to check before now, but I think all that is read out from a screen reader is the title of the course.  This means that a non-sighted person is not receiving the same amount of information that a sighted person does.  My guess is that this would be key for optional courses to be successful.


    Please note that, as I am not an Instructional Designer/Intervention Specialist/Learning Specialist, I am not sure how this ranks on the issues that should be prioritized first.