Completed Learners Report Missing Past Completions

Idea created by Tamara McEvoy on Aug 7, 2019
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    • Joselle Bacani
    • David Rios
    • Kym Ferrando
    • Adam Arthur

    Our courses in Bridge are designed to be taken multiple times to reinforce the content being taught. A quiz at the end of each course allows us to measure the progress of the learner. With this being said, we monitor the progress of our learners weekly, and use the Completed Learners Report to get a count of how many times our courses have been completed.  


    The totals on the Completed Learners Report do not reflect the previous completions of a learner if they are in the middle of taking a course a second time.


       Example: Three learners have completed Course A at the end of week 1. Running the Completed Learners Report will    show a total of 3 completions for this course. At the end of week 2, the three learners have started Course A again,    but did not finish it. When the Completed Learners Report is run, the total completions will be 0. The reason is    the incomplete course is "blocking" the previous completions from Course A in this reporting.


    The Completed Learners Report does not take into account the "old enrollment completions" until all incomplete courses are completed, or have expired and the learner is re-enrolled. Past completions are being omitted from this report total, causing discrepancies in the counts from the Completed Learners Report vs the completions in the Enrollment table from a data dump.


    Suggestion: The Completed Learners Report needs to include all past completions of a course. The report functionality should not be tied to incomplete courses.