Video Transcript Editing, Linking, and Storage

Idea created by Adam Arthur on Aug 7, 2019
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    • Peter Sternfels
    • Adam Arthur

    After reviewing the inaccessible and then accessible versions of Bridge delivered content or Bridge Off-the-Shelf Content , I realized that currently in Bridge a method to attach a plain text video transcript as an attachment which is stored within Bridge does not appear to be currently possible.  Within those trainings links to video transcripts and info-graphic descriptions are stored outside of Bridge and on .  This would mean that the authors would need to have access to and learn two systems, Bridge and another CMS or LMS.  Most if not all higher education institutions require alternate methods of providing non-text content, as was noted on Bridge's Accessibility and Bridge Voluntary Product Accessibility Template pages.  The easiest way to provide this with videos that have relevant visuals in addition to dialog is with text transcripts.


    I was trying to think of other ways to provide this without having to use two systems and the two potential methods I could come up with were:

    • Attaching a text file with the necessary transcript/description to the course and link to it on the slide in the course.  This is not ideal, but possible currently in Bridge.  It requires the end user to then download the file and hope that everything works correctly from there.
    • Creating some method of storing, editing, and linking to video transcripts (and info-graphic descriptions) within Bridge


    The idea is that there is some way to store, edit, manage, and link a plain text page within Bridge.  For example,  is a video text transcript from the Management Basics delivered training.  (There is a minor error with it "like[3]", but it is better than no transcript.)  Rather than it being outside of Bridge, as demonstrated, it should be within it.


    This way it would be not as much of a learning curve for new authors to successfully get their fully accessible course published on our implementation. 


    Moderator's Note: Summary of the idea from the comments

    A new content type that an author could add to a course, or possibly an admin would add to an account. This content type would be plain text and editable within Bridge with no other tools. This content item would have a static URL so it could be linked to within other Bridge content.