Ability to designate a proxy or delegate user

Idea created by Michael Mullin on Aug 8, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Zoe Fisher
    • Michael Mullin
    • Chris McEwen
    • Danielle Dale
    • Allison Kemp
    • Lori Simkins
    • Kym Ferrando
    • Eric Brunner
    • Adam Arthur

    Please add the ability to designate a proxy or delegate user for certain users.


    We have a number of Executives within our institution who would like their Executive Assistants to follow up with the overdue learners in their business unit. They would like the Executive Assistants to have direct access to their accounts (and thus the completion reports of their business units) through Bridge. We've been asked for this from about a dozen different Executives since implementing Bridge. Please make this happen