Notifications Log Per Course

Idea created by Adam Arthur on Aug 27, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Adam Arthur

    After looking through some of the information on Notifications and discussions with out of our areas trying to implement their trainings in Bridge, I think that an idea for seeing the notifications sent out that are exclusive to the author, course, program, live training, etc. is important.  The area we are working with should obviously not see all notifications that ever went to a user, but the ability to see any notifications that they sent them via content or individually would be nice.


    I have already noted that the work-around of the dump and filtering is a possibility if not using API as is seen in and the previous idea of Notifications List by User , however this is a little different considering the author is the one who wants to see the information.


    Even if this is possible through the use of the API and data dump with filtering, a simpler method for authors to get that information would be beneficial to their user experience.