Overdue checkpoints, insight if it's the learner or the approver

Idea created by Anne Walter on Aug 29, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Tom Wirzburger
    • Anne Walter
    • Zoe Fisher
    • Clydia Davis
    • Adam Arthur

    First of all, checkpoints don't show up in the overdue learners list, which is inconvenient. When you find the overdue checkpoints by going to insights --> deep dive in the 'How compliant is my organization'  section I am able to see overdue checkpoints, however, I can't see if the checkpoint is overdue because the learner did not submit it or because the approver did not approve it. To find this out I have to masquerade for each individual learner. It would be great to get this insight from the overview page, and to be able to send the right people a reminder message about it.