Group Checkpoint Approval Notifications

Idea created by Jessica Leavitt on Sep 6, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Jessica Leavitt
    • Junior Greig
    • Amy Skyles
    • Danielle Dale
    • Clydia Davis
    • Dr. Tanya Ruhlander
    • Michelle Highman
    • Adam Arthur
    • Arlin Peebles

    Currently, if a group is assigned to approve a checkpoint an email is not sent out even if the notification for an email is turned on. The members of the group also don't get a notification in Bridge. The only way they know is if they check their approvals. 


    I would be nice if this was changed. Maybe title the email towards the group name so they know they are receiving the email because they are a member of that group and someone from that group needs to approve.