Time to Complete Program Estimate

Idea created by Andy Corbus on Sep 19, 2019
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    On a Program Page, the time to complete a program automatically converts the time to complete all the elements of the program into "days to complete."  But not business days, 24 hour days! So if you have a program that takes 30 hours to complete, the current estimate is "about a day to complete." 

    This is problematic for a number of reasons:

    1. Nobody does 24 hours of online training in a day.

    2. As an Academic Institution, amount of time in training is important and requires constant communication that this is not accurate.

    3. Our extended enterprise clients ask us to change this because of their requirements and we can't. We simply have to apologize for the quirkiness (and not the good quicky) of our chosen provider Bridge.

    4. We have people use these for Continuing Education Units and "about a day" does not work for this audience at all. 

    5. The time element does not match the course screens.  The course settings allow you to override the automatic time feature. So we have similar settings, but with different functionality...


    Barrett Doran Sydney Deveraux