Checkpoint expiry date

Idea created by Junior Greig on Sep 30, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Having become a recent client to Bridge LMS and part of a very compliance industry, in particular, the tracking of high-risk licences and verifications of competency for large equipment, we've expressed our disappointment that the only way to track licences, is via the course function.


    The checkpoint would be perfect, as this function would allow users to submit licences themselves, then for the admin group to verify the user, then add the relevant expiry date, for compliance reasons. However, the capturing of an expiry date is not available in checkpoint, only as a course.


    This is causing up potential issues as a course (with a name e.g High-Risk Licence GB), can be completed online by the user, therefore changing the status to 'complete', without actually sending a copy of the licence or having this verified.


    I've heard this custom field can be added via the API, but I would think that this would add immense value to the product and its users, by adding the expiry date function to checkpoints.


    Be great to hear from anyone with a similar issue and may have an interim work around.