Display captions at the bottom of the videos

Idea created by Pablo Quintela on Oct 18, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Please, add an option to display Captions at the bottom of the videos. With the current captions feature, Captions are only displayed at the top of videos. That's very inconvenient for a number of reasons: 1) In an eLearning environment, it's probable that you create content featuring teachers, characters or interviews. With the Captions displayed at the top of the video, the text overlays the eyes and faces of the people 2) When you show graphs, or titles in your eLearning courses, you need Learners to read or see the graph first, and then read the captions-for the voice over 3) All cultures that are used to captions / subtitled audiovisual content, such as Latin American Countries, are used to read movie-subtitles at the bottom of the video. 

    The only time you use captions at the top, is when you have another type of text at the bottom (such as Third Titles) but that's not usually the case. Either way, there's a reason why YouTube and other platforms show them at the bottom, so at least the option of moving them should be available.