Ability to edit date of attendance/completion

Idea created by Joselle Bacani Partner on Nov 6, 2019

    Not all of our contents are done by our learners online. There are instances where our Learning Coordinators have to record attendance/completion retrospectively -- with courses, programs and live trainings, even with checkpoints. In most cases recording of attendance is done days or weeks (even months) after the actual training -- just how the real world works sometimes. Because Bridge captures the date of when the attendance/completion is entered into the system, it is not able to record the actual date of attendance/completion. We find this ineffective with our reports.


    Also, there are important programs and live trainings that we require staff to complete annually -- so auto enrolment is set. However, the expiration date computes against the date attended rather than session end -- in live training for example. So again, the predicament of not being able to auto-enrol in a timely manner!


    Hope you consider this idea in your immediate future developments.