Close out 1on1 and Remove Learners from Virtual Team

Idea created by Clydia Davis on Nov 19, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Laura Rivera
    • Amy Skyles
    • Megan Humphries
    • Brandon Rich
    • Danielle Dale
    • Kay Nadel
    • Clydia Davis
    • Kelly Mikkelson

    Currently there is not an option to close out a 1on1 or remove/edit learners from My Virtual Team (those people you have met with thru the 1on1 tool).  The learners in "My Team" follows our automation and changes those learners accordingly, however, if you have met thru the 1on1 tool that person will stay in "My Virtual Team".  We have managers that change to different branches often and may never meet with those employees again.  This is causing some confusion. This would be a great option to keep this area clean and only keep those learners you meet with regularly.  Both of these options are needed and are being asked for often.