Individual Retain Data

Idea created by Greggory Wright Partner on Nov 19, 2019
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    • Amy Skyles
    • Greggory Wright
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    • Adam Arthur

    I was recently invited to hear a presentation of a new software company who has honed in on a great algorithm for something very similar to Retain in Bridge.  This "retain" software automatically quizzes learners based on what they got wrong in differing frequencies and then mixes in what they got right as they are quizzed.  The beauty behind this is:

    1. Each person has an individualized experience in the "retain" function
    2. Admins can see the retention data based on each person, what they continue to get right/wrong, how long it takes them to achieve optimum retention
    3. Admins can control the retain functionality and link to all of the background data for continued learning ROI