Program Reporting

Idea created by Nicole Lueras Partner on Dec 10, 2019
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    We have run into many instances where it would be really nice to have the same reporting capabilities at a Program level that there is on a Course level.  There is another idea (unique reporting) that could also fit this idea, I really think that there should be the same reporting capabilities across ALL learning objectives.  


    As a larger company with more than 15,000 employees (more than 1000 in the Maintenance Dept.). Reporting on programs is getting more and more difficult to pull what we need.  Recently we have been trying to identify the people that have been with our organization more than 6 mos that haven't completed any safety, Preventative Maintenance or Development programs. Trying to filter out those that have already completed it in the past but not started it currently is proving to be quite challenging (manual process of elimination) because only at the course enrollment level does it show the necessary information.  With between 8-15 courses in each program and 700-800 learners in any given program (or more) this manual process is almost impossible, let alone doing it in a short timeframe. 


    Alexis Fotheringham