Uploading Evidence from 3rd Party

Idea created by Kelly Mikkelson on Dec 11, 2019
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    • David Spence
    • Claudia Corleto
    • Kelly Mikkelson
    • Adam Arthur

    We want all of our employee training - whether taken through Bridge or not - to be accessible to each learner in their transcript.  To accomplish this, we currently use Checkpoints requiring evidence and approval within Programs to administer and track third-party compliance-based training.  This works fine, but it seriously limits our ability to administer this kind of thing in bulk.


    We're a really privacy-conscious company, so there's only one person with Account Admin permissions due to the Masquerade feature - and it's our company policy that they never use that feature.  This means that admins can't upload evidence to a checkpoint on someone's behalf.  Simply marking this type of training complete isn't adequate when the training was provided by a third party and is for compliance (an attendance list or certificate by Bridge will not suffice).


    We'd like an easier way for us to be able to track training not administered through Bridge, and for admins or authors to be able to upload evidence on a learner's behalf.