Comprehensive staff training report that shows all staff data on one excel spreadsheet

Idea created by Lyndsey White on Dec 19, 2019
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    • Natalie Rodgers
    • Florence Thellier
    • Shawna Cole
    • Kelly Mikkelson
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    • Kath Faulkner
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    • Erin Walquist

    We need a comprehensive Excel Report that shows every staff members status of learning, including completed, overdue and incomplete learning modules, we used to have the facility on the old Altura website but it has disappeared with the new Bridge format, the above report came in very handy when CQC were visiting as we were able to show them in one fail swoop the status of training in the home, with the new format on bridge we have to show them a variety of reports which is very confusing for the CQC inspector and also quite time consuming, as a home we are very concerned that we are going to get marked down due to the extensive reports that used to be available no longer being downloadable. the old report also came in very handy when we were working out our training %`s, it is almost impossible to pull the same in depth data that we used to utilise with this reporting format on bridge, I would ask that you introduce the report that shows complete data as a matter of some urgency.