Showcase Recommended Learning

Idea created by Amy Skyles Champion on Jan 16, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Amy Skyles

    When a course or live training is recommended, it is super helpful that it shows up under My Learning, but it is after all of the required and completed learning. For users who have a lot of training (our entire employee base), this means they never see the training that is recommended for them because they have to scroll so far. I would like to see three specific things:

    1. Ability to customize the My Learning navigation so that we can choose the order to display required, recommended, and then completed (or any other order we choose). 
    2. Color change to emphasize the recommended training on the Training Calendar.
    3. Recommended learning shows up at the very top in the Learning Library. Ideally this would be a "sticky" setting in the Learning Library where we could choose any specific category, but for this instance, I want it to be Recommended Training.