Add metrics to goals

Idea created by Amy Skyles Champion on Jan 17, 2020
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    • Amy Skyles
    • Shawna Cole


    I have been working on my team's goals and each member's individual goals, but there's something missing! I love that I have the ability to align the goals with corporate goals, but each person might have different metrics based on their specific job duties. In personal goals, I can add metrics as sub-tasks or notes, but they're not really sub-tasks or notes, they're metrics. On team goals, I can't add them at all unless I make the metrics a part of the goal itself, which then makes them truncate when they're in tile view for selection. It would also be great if we could expand our corporate goals out to include metrics as well so as each team builds their goals, we can make sure we're really aligning them. 


    As we launch Perform company-wide, I'm really trying to promote smart goals, which make the wording pretty long. Adding the metric directly in to the goal with the current tool is...yucky. 


    Here's an example: One of my team's goals is:

    The L&D Team will create at least two engaging workshops/series in 2020 for enriching employee development. Each workshop will include an evaluation measure to allow for continuous improvement and future workshop development based on participant feedback. 

    • Metrics: positive growth on pre/post assessments, 90% employee satisfaction, completion and attendance monitoring 

    If I put all of that into a goal, it becomes huge. I would love to have smaller text just below the goal that outlines how the goal will be measured. Additionally, each team member may be focusing on only one part of the goal. By outlining the metrics in corporate and team goals, they will be able to more easily see how their own work fits into each goal, especially since multiple people work on each of these goals. 


    Thanks for reading!