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Idea created by Dianne Hall on Jan 30, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Peter Sternfels
    • Adam Arthur

    We are exploring ideas to manage teams which are conducting problem solving projects.  We would like to create a program that has training, both live and online, and checkpoints with submissions.  The twist is that we would like the team to be able to submit each step of their problem solving process as a team.  Every team member would be able to see this one submission for the team.  The Operational Excellence team are facilitating the problem solving teams.  The OpEx team would then

    • assess submission for the checkpoint
    • give feedback to the team
    • approve the checkpoint or send it back for resubmission if an update is required.   

    We would like the problem solving team members to be able to see all the submissions and feedback.


    (This has some similarities to Canvas group assignments)