Ike Bennion

Potential Third-Party SFTP Providers for Auto CSV

Discussion created by Ike Bennion Employee on May 23, 2016

Some clients would like to setup Auto CSV but don't have the ability to configure an Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) service. Here are some potential third-party providers that a client could use. If you have come across additional providers that you are pleased with, please contribute those in responses to this discussion!


Note: The following is a list of potential third-party providers that set up an SFTP that may work with Bridge’s Auto CSV. These companies are just a listing of potential vendors and are not formal recommendations of Instructure. A prospect or client who is interested in engaging these vendors should perform a vetting to ensure that the vendor is optimal in cost, security, usability and support. Once an SFTP vendor has been determined, we’re happy to help investigate (before purchase) that Auto CSV will work well with the potential SFTP service.


FTP Todayftptoday.com$54/month
Brick FTPbrickftp.com$49/month