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Discussion created by Ike Bennion Employee on Feb 1, 2017
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Hey all,


For those who weren't able to attend the webinar, I just want to make some screenshots available to get reaction from you as well. There are some prompts below for those who have/haven't seen these designs.


Hopefully my text blurbs will be enough to orient you. If there are questions, feel free to contact me, we can walk you through these and get your reaction 1:1 if that makes more sense.


For tasks there are a few things that would be new to Bridge. First on the left you can see in the nav that "Tasks" is a new learning object alongside Courses, Programs and Live Trainings.


You'll be able to create a task, much like how you currently create a course. To actually create the task is pretty straightforward, you give the Task a name and then right below that you input the instructions like you can see below.

Task Details Page More Settings.jpg

We're currently determining which is the most valuable (and maybe your input could help guide us). In the mocks above you can see that you can require a learner to provide an actual response or you can have a learner just click "complete" to acknowledge that they have done the task. How critical is the verification workflow for how you'd use this feature and why? Feel free to include your response in any comments below.


Enrolling users has similar functionality to courses, you can add either individual learners, groups or enroll via CSV. Group 2.png


When learners log in they will see their My Learning Dash and the Get Your Company T-Shirt would pop up to the top with it's own icon to specify that it's a training.

Group 4.png

Once a learner clicks into the task, your learner would see a prompt like this (except the instructions would show as you inputted them, like above, these are just mocks). They have the ability to mark as complete.

Group 3.png


Mirroring the rest of the design of Bridge, the learner will receive a UI confirmation that they successfully completed the Task.



Those are the basics of what we are thinking about the minimum viable product of Tasks. We have many ambitions of how to make the feature bigger and better from this basic framework, but want to make sure we have good bones to build on.


  • What does Day 1 look like with this feature? How would you test this out and try it in the wild? What would you be looking for to dictate that it was a successful pilot of this feature? How would you pick people that you would pilot this with?
  • Of the spectrum of things you could do, what are things that make you think "Nah, not yet." And why? What is missing for you to feel really confident in using Tasks with those ideas?


If you're not feeling either of those, something else we'd be interested in learning is:

  • Which is more important? The ability to cue to a learner to do something, say, in the sequence of a program; or, the ability to verify and accept/reject the work of a learner?


Comment with your thoughts below!