Arden Shackelford

Content Modularity and/or Media Library (LCMS)

Discussion created by Arden Shackelford on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by Scott Dennis

So, I realize this is something that is typically found in an LCMS type product, but I do see other competitors starting to really merge the two types of systems into one.


When I say course modularity:

  • I create Course A with (in context of Bridge):
    • Welcome page
    • Content Video slide
    • 3 Questions slides
  • Now I create Course B
    • I want to use the same video that's in Course A, but I don't want to have to upload the same video a second time.


Basically I'm thinking about a Media Library. Have the LMS have a repository of media content that can be referenced multiple times. Then if I update 1 video that's referenced in 6 courses, all 6 courses are updated where they have that video.


Thoughts everyone?


Edit (2/21/2017):

Honestly, just looking at how an LCMS functions, if Bridge were able to really merge the overall functionality of an LCMS into Bridge, I feel like that may attract a larger audience.