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If we have 2 roles (managers & learners), do learners have to report up to a single manager or can they report to anyone in their group that has the "manager" status?

Question asked by james lavis Partner on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

We currently are re-evaluating our hierarchy. We have admins, delegates (manager) and learners. Admin permissions are pretty easy. We are looking at having our pharmacies be a group per store. Each store would have a delegate(s) and set of learners.We as admins push new content to the delegates and in turn they will push courses to their learners. Delegates are typically store training managers.


This question exists in one instance we have a 3 tier delegate. So 2 owners and a training manager. It would be great that any one of them could act as a delegate to their group. Currently learners report to del 1, who reports to Del 2 who reports to Del 3. Not a good way. It's ok for them to have the same permissions, so it would be easier to have them in the group, assign the three of them delegate status and whomever does the learning assignments can do so.


So is this possible? Can learners of a group report to the delegates or does it have to be a specific person?