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Limitations of the Learning Library- No Folder Organization?

Question asked by Gary Baker Partner on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Adam Williams

Is there really no way to organize the Learning Library by Folder?   Or are we missing something?


As we previewed Bridge prior to purchase, we were especially interested in 1) Compliance Training, 2) Self-Service On-Demand Voluntary Training, and 3) Live Training.  We were assured that each of these areas was possible and Bridge is to support them.  Great- move on.


Unfortunately, we should have been far more specific in our questions. It is clear now that while each of these trainings are possible, there is no mechanism to "arrange" or "categorize" these different trainings in the Learning Library other than by workarounds with tags,  clever color/letter combinations, etc.     On login, the learner is faced with a learning library with all our potential courses jumbled up together- potentially dozens and dozens of courses of all possible to take.  While I can filter, I can't filter our organizational categories. While I can use Tabs, I can't see a drop down of the available tabs to search on, I have to guess by starting typing, etc.


Bridge is supposed to be a robust Employee training tool. It would seem reasonable to expect that we would administratively be able to set up subcategories within the Learning Library- and to categorize every training into one of those subcategories, then to organize within categories by  tag or some other method within category.   Not having that feature will clutter up the learning library drastically without some way to organize other than by Course, Program, or Live Training.  Worse, since you can't have a "pre-quiz-training-post quiz" without making it a Program- you end up with Programs that are really only Courses- really confusing the issue.


I hope at this point we are just missing something- otherwise it is profoundly disappointing not to have a method of institutionally categorizing our trainings into something other than course-program-live training.