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Cover slide accessibility barrier

Question asked by Karen McCall Partner on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Allison Kemp

This is more of a feature request. The title text on the Cover slide is all caps. This is the most difficult font attribute to read by anyone, with or without a disability. I need to be able to use title caps since my courses are on accessible document design and I can't violate the principles of accessible doucment design if I am teaching the subject.


By using all caps, we can't use our word prediction skills to read effectively and efficiently. All of the letters are block letters and there is no shape to words. This slows everyone down but especially affects those of us with visual disabilities, or who have learning or cognitive disabilities. For those of us using either screen raders or Text-to-Speech tools, the barrier may be that the words in all caps are treated like acronyms and spelled rather than read as words.

Please put this request in a queue for advancement. Until the all caps is removed or an option not to use all caps is provided, I can't use a cover slide.


Cheers, Karen