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I lost the Retain battle today...

Discussion created by Josh Decker Partner on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

Something sad happened today--I lost the Retain battle.


Prior to the last August (2016), the whole of my education and career has been spent in the education space and when Retain showed up that is all it had to do to convince me of its value to the learning process. It's brain-based, makes sense, and simply a fantastic (and automated) tool to reinforce learning. What's not to like?


But I failed to convince those that needed convincing that it should be enabled on most courses (we are new to Bridge as an organization so we are just getting started but thinking now and beyond) because the goal in delivering professional learning opportunities (even if required learning) is...well, learning. Learning. (And not just compliance to x, y, z.) (Compliance is nice, I get it, and maybe my passion is misguided in the learning vs. compliance stance I took but I can't help myself...)


I heard words that users are (already?) "fatigued" and "weary" of "all the Retain emails" and no matter what I said or what I pointed them to as to the validity and why of Retain, I lost.There was definitely some deflation on my part today and perhaps a whole lot of this on the side (update: sadly the iFrame embed code is removed and as we can't insert images here is the link Super Saiyan Soccer GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Anyone else in the same boat or were my expectations a little too high that there would be majority buy-in to Retain and its value and (most) users would simply not have issues with multiple follow ups to reinforce their learning?


(And if you somehow succeeded in creating majority buy-in with Retain and your adult users I would love to hear what magic you pulled off to accomplish it...)