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Discussion created by Kati Rodzon Employee on Jun 5, 2018
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Tl;dr - The product team (Bill & I) are looking for design feedback on initial designs for a checkpoint approval required feature. Please visit the link at the bottom and provide feedback in the comments of this discussion. 


Thank you so much for all of your input and insight around use cases for Checkpoints. There were a few pain points that were clearly communicated and we have decided to start design on one of them. More specifically, on a program that needs to be completed in order, a learner can be required to receive approval from a checkpoint before being enrolled in the next item in the program. This functionality means that program progress for a learner can be locked until the checkpoint has been submitted, approval requested, reviewed by the approver, and approval submitted. 


Time to review designs

Below is a link to the current working Invision link for the design. Please review, click around and let us know what you think in this discussion. While you are looking through it note

  • Is the User Interface (UI) clear?
  • Are the interaction points on the UI intuitive?
  • Is there a nice balance between simple and robust?
  • Was anything confusing for you? missing?
  • Did anything you discover delight you?


This is the time in the process where we are exploring how to best implement the high level behavior within the Bridge Learn product so all notes on your experience are helpful 


Please note:

  • You are not looking at a live product. It is a design mock up set in Invision so not all things are clickable and it does not have the full functionality of the product. It’s more to give you a sense of the new functionality.
  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out on here.
  • Invision Design Link 
    • The designs may take a few minutes to load.  The best user experience will be on a computer, and not a mobile device.