Donald Simpson

Live Streaming Video for Organization using Bridge

Discussion created by Donald Simpson Partner on Sep 5, 2018

In talking with some of the technical team at Bridge today, I wanted to get a pulse on how others might use Live Streaming in Bridge. I realize there are other Live Streaming options, but since all of our employees are already in Bridge, it is mobile/tablet friendly, and we could gain access to stats within the just makes better sense for us to be able to use something everyone is already familiar with. We are wanting (hoping) such a service in Bridge would allow us to host our quarterly corporate wide announcements live, rather than limited release, while others catch it later (even though they would still have that option) and hear things through other channels. We are also wanting a better way of gauging the groups who participate, as well as those who do not in order to help garner their participation in future live venues.


Being able to gather the data is huge for us at this point, and being able to track participation in a system that everyone is already in would be a huge benefit.