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Can I see SCORM info being passed?

Question asked by Alison Leese on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Joshua Pope

Is there a way to see SCORM Reporting information? I tried entering unique values IN my reporting, but not finding it in Insights nor in the DataDump (download all data .csv). I tried creating unique names/values for data, but then can't find where (if?) that data is being reported...(if it is at all?)


Recording Options from SL350@stef


Side ?: what is the (only) SCORM...csv in the Download all data supposed to show?


(CONTEXT: I haven't had to worry about the i-in-ADDIE in awhile, so having to get back in the saddle, and know the higher ups are going to want to know how to get reports on this stuff)


thanks in advance!



PS. any Articulate (storyline) 360 tips/tracks/ hacks etc would also be most welcome! (eg. Like how @Susan Stewart talked about hacking the configuration.js to see the Great Work screen after taking (passing?) a graded question in here)