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Delivery method options for courses within a program

Discussion created by Dominic Slauson on Oct 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Joshua Pope

Our institution has 7 courses that our faculty are required to complete over the course of three years from the point of employment.  These courses are offered face-to-face as well as online.  An employee can choose which delivery method they would prefer for each course.  This flexibility is something that's proving to be a problem in Bridge.  We want to use the Program function to assign the 7 courses, but if we put both the live trainings as well as the online equivalents in the program, from the employee's perspective, it looks as though they are required to complete both delivery types of each.


One thought I had was to create a session along side the other face-to-face sessions with the location of "Online" and setting the date for when the online course is open.  I am not a big fan of this method, however, because I need to pick a start and end time, which does not accurately reflect the fact that they can work on the online course on their own time over the course of a couple weeks.  The email notification for enrolling also indicates that the session is for a "live training" course, which is misleading.


Any other thoughts on how to handle this circumstance?