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Requesting New Criteria for a Data Dump from the Professional Services Team

Discussion created by Donald Simpson Partner on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Alison Leese

Anyone else ever request a new Data Dump with specific criteria from the Bridge Professional Services Team? We talked with them last week and they are working up a quote for our request/project? Just wondering if anyone else has gone down this road, and if so, what their experience and timeline might have been.


We have requested the following content be included on one spreadsheet:

  • Name and ID for the following Content
  • Course Name and ID
  • Program Name and ID
  • Live Training Name and ID
  • Survey Name and ID
  • Checkpoint Name and ID
  • Original Author Name and ID
  • Current Author Name and ID
  • Date Original Content was Created
  • Date of last Update
  • Is the Content Published or Unpublished
  • Number of Learners Enrolled
  • Number of Learners Completed
  • Number of Learners Started
  • Number of Learners not Started
  • Content has the following Tags
  • Content can be found in the following Categories
  • Any Attachments and File Type found in the Content
  • Does the Content include a Certificate
  • Does the Content include a SCORM + AICC
  • Name of any sub-account this content is shared with
  • Is the content archived
  • When was the content archived