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Any ideas for creating a pre-assessment in Bridge Learn?

Discussion created by Tiffany Franklin Partner on Feb 11, 2019
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Hello everyone! For the past couple weeks, we have been exploring different ways to do "pre-assessments" within the LMS as stand-alone objects. We have tried all of the options below and none meet our needs. Wondering if anyone else has ideas! For context, we're a SAAS provider for cyber security training.

  • Utilizing the Survey Feature
    • This feature doesn't give us much flexibility in the types of questions we can ask (changing answers). Specifically, we cannot ask Knowledge Check questions. This feature "could" work for calculating a risk assessment, however, the calculations that Bridge is currently passing back are not accurate. And... it's not the type of pre-assessment our client wants.
  • Utilizing a Survey SCORM Package
    • This enabled us to create the types of questions we need, but the LMS data we get is inaccurate, as it's looking for correct/incorrect data versus just gathering information.
  • Utilizing a Quiz SCORM Package
    • This works for gathering the data that we need (from combining 3 spreadsheet s in the data dump); however, it doesn't really work for setting up in the LMS, as we have to provide a required score when there actually is no required score, it's a pre-assessment.  
  • Utilizing the Authoring Tool within Bridge to create a quiz.
    • Same obstacle as the previous attempt - with required scores when that's not actually the case. 


We're open to ideas! Rutherford Rankin