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Granular Course Data Permissions

Discussion created by Amy Skyles Champion on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Amy Skyles

We have several employees who are subject-matter experts in very technical areas. They create a lot of our internal training courses. I have created an "Author Lite" role to allow some author functionality so they can create their own content. I would like for them to see the "course attempts" and "course quiz data" within the courses they author but not any other courses (such as HR compliance training courses). This will allow them to actually teach the courses they're in charge of and make changes based on the data but not see anything that could be considered confidential employee training data. It would be great if there was a course-level toggle to allow a certain role to access certain items within a course (like data) so they don't have to request it from me and then wait for me to have time to download it and send it to them. Has anyone else come across an issue like this and do you have any solutions?

Thank you!