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Monospaced text use, anyone?

Question asked by Weiwei Zhang on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Weiwei Zhang

I'm curious if anyone is using the monospaced text feature in the "native" Bridge courses (not SCORM). There is definitely value in using Monospaced text, especially is certain disciplines such as chemistry and music, but in order to really make monospaced text work as it should, we'd need more text editing capabilities. In the example below, the "=" should not be an equation mark, but an arrow pointing to the right. The numbers behind the chemical elements should be smaller, located in bottom right corner of the element. The numbers representing the coefficient should be the same size as the letters. 

This makes me wonder if I misinterpreted the intention of monospaced text here. Does anyone use this feature? If so, in what way? I experimented using it for labeling content, it works, but it's probably not good for screen reader users.