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Question asked by Amy Skyles Champion on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Max Windham

I need to tag some courses in a way that is not visible to learners (admin/author purposes only). We are a small company and as a personal touch, it's nice to provide the contact for a particular service by their name and title inside of some courses. I would like to easily identify courses where this has happened so I can double-check names and titles before deploying to a new learner. I don't, however, want any learners to see this tag because it could be confusing. Does anyone have any ideas for making this work? Right now I'm planning to use a spreadsheet for tracking, but I'll have to check it before every single deployment, which will be a wasted step a lot of the time. I would like to only check it if I see the hidden tag for a course.


Here's a specific use case: I have a short training, on logging your time for payroll. The training directs new employees to "AW" whose title is "GPA" (this is shortened so I don't identify the person). If AW's title or responsibilities change, or maybe she gets married and changes her name, I want to make sure to update the contact information inside of the course. If the course is tagged in some way that is obvious to me, then I can consult my spreadsheet to see exactly who is mentioned, where, and what their title was the last time the course was deployed. If it's not tagged, I can just skim over the course and redeploy. This is most relevant for courses we deploy very frequently between full course review cycles.