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Equivalent Courses or Live Trainings?

Question asked by Joe Kleine on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Michelle Highman

Has anyone found a nice way of showing/using equivalencies? 


Examples of what could be equivalent:

Learner takes an eCourse or a Live Training to meet the requirement

Learner takes eCourse 1 or eCourse 2 to meet the requirement

Learner takes Live Training 1 or Live Training 2 to meet the requirement


In previous LMS, we were able to set that 2 items were equivalent, so if a learner did either one, it would automatically mark as "met". 


What are the ways that others are making this possible in Bridge? 

I have considered Programs, but Program is not marked "met" if only 1 item was completed. I have considered CheckPoints, but then the CheckPoint has to be enrolled into to manually mark "met". 


Ideas and thoughts are welcome.