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Live Training - Best Practices

Discussion created by Allison Kemp Partner on Mar 15, 2019
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Currently, when we create a Live Training, I put the presenters in the description if they will be presenting all of the sessions. If not, I put their name in the notes. I don't really care for that idea, but there's not a lot of choice there.


Some sessions are for school day staff and others are for residential. In those cases, I've been putting the audience in the notes. Turns out that notes aren't visible to users until after they register. I don't want to create a Live Training for each audience; that seems like too much to maintain. 


We've been using multi-part sessions for study groups that last all semester. In order to receive credit, learners must attend all of the sessions. We're doing that manually now since attendance can't be tracked at the part level. The only other option I can see is to set up each date with its own Live Training, again that seems like too much to maintain. We did try setting up each session individually, but learners can only register for one session at a time.


When a group of Live Trainings is over (e.g. a training that put online and no longer need to meet face-to-face), I'm not sure how to archive them. I need to know who attended the sessions so I can't delete them. I don't want to change the name so that ARCHIVE appears before the title because that will appear on their record of completed learning. 


So that brings me to several questions. How are you using Live Trainings? How are you using multipart sessions? If so, how? Where are you putting presenters? What are you doing if one session is for one job title and another session is for another job title? How do you archive past Live Trainings?


Taylor Robuck, do you have any ideas?