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Expiration date and re-enrollment in Library courses

Question asked by Weiwei Zhang on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by Weiwei Zhang

We are exploring the option of using learning library to host training courses, but I've run into a difficult situation in testing. 


I could put a course in the learning library, and assign due date and expiration date. Here is the problem: If I set auto re-enrollment, this library course will become required once it expired; if I don't sent auto re-enrollment, this course will be marked as "expired" but the learner cannot retake it (can only review) to renew the expiration date. 


This is going to be a challenging situation for us. We want learners to take the courses from the library, and be able to retake it once it expired only if there is still a need for staying current with the content. For example, a student worker may need a lab safety training when he/she is working in the lab, but no longer have the needs when he/she leaves the lab (so we shouldn't use auto re-enroll); a faculty working in the lab should always be up-to-date in the lab safety training (so auto re-enroll is ideal).


Anyone have creative solutions to this issue? I thought about creating two versions of the courses (one auto re-enroll and one no auto re-enroll) and have people pick their version, but this may be confusing to learners and learners also don't always foresee all the plan changes in the future.