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Policies Surrounding Bridge at your Institution

Discussion created by Adam Arthur on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Adam Arthur

My university is just getting started with Bridge and actually is having our first governance meeting today.  In some of our other applications there are limitations on what sort of maintenance (ex: garbage collecting) and guidelines that users must follow due to a lack of policies currently in place.  I am hoping to avoid that situation with our Bridge implementation, so I am curious what sort of policies you have implemented at your universities or are planning to put in place soon.


My initial thoughts are:

  • Establishing that content in training materials are a responsibility of the author and if found to be in violation of a university policy, then the content can be taken offline and evaluated somehow.  (Or however that legal jargon works.)
  • Authors are responsible for the accessibility of their own content and if found to be inaccessible, then it can be taken down until the issues can be rectified.


That is all I have really come up with so far.  Please let me know what other policies may be useful or have been useful in your cases.