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Having Scorm Issues - Quiz  Results

Question asked by Lem Harris on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by Joshua Pope

Hi guys.


We use Captivate to create our Scorm packages.  Recently we are experiencing an uptick with clients getting stuck on pages where the next button stops working. Some make it all the way through the course and on the next to last page, the Results Page (see image) the values come up zero and the continue button doesn't work, meaning they can't complete the course. The way our courses are built it's impossible to make it to the end and have zero points.

Now.  When we try to replicate the issue it works fine.  Tested in IE, Chrome and Firefox.  Works fine.  When we masquerade as the user we get the same issue, however if we reset and masquerade as the works just fine.

Is anyone else having similar issues with Scorm packages?