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Best Practice Designing Users and Groups to Support Future Growth

Discussion created by Clyne A. on Apr 30, 2019
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This is our first LMS platform and our Learning and Development team is trying to findout whether anyone else followed any best practices when they setup their Bridge instance and can recommend reference material. 


What they are wanting to avoid is setting users and groups in away that will either cause duplication of roles/ groups as much as possible, but still have it make sense and not end up cluttered over time. 


Understandably it won't be perfect, but if anyone has any guides they use they can share that I pass along to help them start off in the right direction would be great. 


Here is an example of what we mean by setting up users and groups. 


An organization has a sales group at 5 different locations selling different products.

  • How did they build-out the user group?
    • Did they break the sales teams out by product line and group them together regardless of site location


  • Did they group them by location and then break them out further by product


There are some large organizations using the Bridge platform and there must have been some thought put into setting up the user/group structure that would keep it manageable. 


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