Weiwei Zhang

InstructureCon 2019 meetup

Discussion created by Weiwei Zhang on May 1, 2019

Hello everyone! Bridge in Schools 


I set up a Doodle poll for our Bridge meeting at Instructurecon 2019. Here is the link:https://doodle.com/poll/7ph7h4qhruf45hmi Please fill out the poll at your earliest convenience. I don't have a location for our meeting yet. I'm hoping to get an idea of how many people we may have and then work with our Bridge liaison Kate Toothman on the meeting location (somewhere in the convention center I assume). This is not a very formal meeting, more like a roundtable discussion and networking--the idea is we'll get together to share our experience and maybe tips and tricks, and get to know each other to help build our community!


Here is the conference agenda, in case you need to take a look before filling out the poll: https://blog.canvaslms.com/news/instructurecon19/schedule


Thank you, and please do let me know if you have any questions!