Lem Harris

How we launched a SCORM course from a Bridge course and didn't break anything

Discussion created by Lem Harris on May 30, 2019

Back story: I had a couple interactive simulations I built in Captivate that I wanted the learner to be able to open from a Bridge course.  Opening in a separate window was fine, as opening over the Bridge course and trying to go back at the end of the simulation would likely break the entire internet. 


How: First I made the simulation in Captivate.   Here are my quiz preferences.  I just set it to pass on access, unchecked data.  In the actual simulation I unchecked "Add to quiz" for each interaction (Text entry, drag and drop, click box etc.)


I uploaded the scorm 2004 to Bridge.  After it loaded I clicked on the ...more settings and made sure it would open in the current window.  Now in this case "current window" is actually the new window that the bridge course would open.  Cause a Bridge link always opens in a new window.  Make sense?


I did the open in a current window because otherwise the simulation would have opened in a third window and that would be a bad experience.



I then assigned the simulation to myself and entered Bridge as a Learner.  I launched the simulation and copied the url from the window.



Then I went into Bridge as an Author and found the graphic in my course I wanted the learner to click on to do the simulation.  I put the simulation link on the graphic.




Now, yes the learner would have to be assigned the Bridge course and the simulation.  So I made it all part of the Program and selected "any order" that way the simulations aren't locked.  The program has the Bridge Course, then another Bridge course that is the assessment, A course survey, and then the 2 simulation courses.


The last page of the simulations have 2 buttons on them.  One is set to restart the simulation with a goto slide 1, the other has an exit function on it, which closes the entire window, thereby leaving the learner with the Bridge course open on the page where they clicked the graphic.


The simulation takes up to like 7 seconds to spin up.  That part is not great, but overall...it's not a bad workaround.


It does open the sim in a new window, but I couldn't figure out how to avoid that.  Many of you guys here are pretty sharp.  Do you have another way to do this?  Can you improve on my method?


In any case for others looking for a way to get some interaction in your Bridge courses...this works.