Weiwei Zhang

Training tracking for employees with multiple managers

Discussion created by Weiwei Zhang on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Joe Kleine

This is a known issue when we launched trainings to faculty and staff, but this has become an even larger issue when we launched training to student workers. It seems Bridge can only take one manager per employee, which means, when an employee has multiple job appointments/split appointment, some supervisors would have a hard time to see the employee's training progress. 


This makes things especially challenging for student employee supervisors, because it is far more likely that a student works at different jobs on campus and thus have different supervisors. I met with a supervisor this morning and he only saw one student employee on the insight page, and he is missing 4 others. I suspect it is because the other 4 students also have jobs some place else, and their training information is listed for other supervisors (maybe whoever hired them first, or whoever they work for the most???) Is it also your experience that some employees simply don't show up for the manager's insight because they have established other managers already? 


How do you deal with situations like this? How do you advise supervisors in using the insight page considering it doesn't provide all information they need? How do you advise them with tracking? I'm thinking of turning on certificates and have employees sending certificates to supervisors. This is doable if a supervisor has only a few employees, but in some cases, some supervisors have over 100 student employees, this is going to be extremely challenging for those supervisors.