Amanda Christianson

Best Practices around using Programs?

Discussion created by Amanda Christianson on May 8, 2019

Looking to use a program for a 12-week virtual training curriculum and have been struggling to find the best setup - anyone been intimately using programs and have suggestions?


I need to offer pre work and post work in various mediums (check points, courses, etc.) with due dates concurrent to the each week's topic throughout the 12 weeks that includes a virtual Live-Training session each week. The same group of 25 learners will attend all 12 sessions, and then a new group of learners will enroll for the next cohort.


I'll offer the 12-week program four times a year, so people will self-enroll into the curriculum. This is a struggle because the program activity due dates must be set as X days from enrollment (which means i have to be consistent at enrolling them X weeks prior to start) so they can remain consistent and not require me to constantly adjust due dates. I think this determines that I should make the Live Training a multi-part session, so all attendees enroll into the live training  sessions at once (available in learning library to all), and then once they are enrolled there, I add them to the program X weeks prior to it starting (also so prework can be completed). 


It doesn't appear as though I can set the settings to have manager approval for enrolling, so the first program checkpoint could be to have them approve such.


Any thoughts or use cases of what you've run into as far as challenges of something similar?