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Frustration with "Bridge Status"

Discussion created by Rutherford Rankin Partner on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Scott Dennis

Just venting here and seeing if other Bridge admins have the same issues...


Is anyone else frustrated with the fact that the "Bridge Status" page at doesn't accurately reflect the status of Bridge functionality?


For example, this morning I found that I couldn't import a CSV to remove users from a sub-account. When I contacted support, they tested as well and found that CSV importing is not working at this time. It's been 15 minutes since this was reported, and the Bridge Status page still shows all systems operational and no issues. If the purpose of the status page is to alert Bridge users of issues affecting all accounts, then shouldn't there be an immediate notification when Bridge becomes aware that a significant feature (CSV importing) is not functional? Bridge support often directs us to the Bridge Status page to check functionality, but if the information isn't accurate and up-to-date, what's the purpose?


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