Weiwei Zhang

Kaltura integration

Discussion created by Weiwei Zhang on Jun 18, 2019

Kaltura is the video platform we use at OSU, but Kaltura is not integrated with Bridge, at least not fully integrated. 


On the Bridge documentation, Kaltura is listed as one of the integrations. There are a couple of elements to discuss here: 1) if we use the URL with OSU branding "...oregonstate.edu..." then the video only shows as a link, no integration at all; 2) we can use the Kaltura link "...Kaltura.com..." then the embed videos only work half-way. 


Here is why I say it's "half-way":

The cover image of the video is embedded, but it's just a link showing as an image. Clicking on the image will take users to a new tab where the video is played in Kaltura. This is not fully embedded as how Youtube videos are, but Youtube is not an ideal place for us to host training videos. 


I emailed Bridge support. The response I got is that this embed behavior is intentional (by embed.ly) and expected (by Bridge), and that I need to talk to embed.ly about this. I emailed embed.ly's customer support, but haven't heard anything. 


In the meantime, I'm wondering what you all are doing with your video content if it is not in a SCORM package. Do you link the videos out to a university owned central video platform such as Kaltura? Or do you use Youtube? If you use Youtube, how do you manage these videos? 


Also, Kate Toothman  if this indeed falls on embed.ly, do you think Bridge can reach out to them? I feel there are several layers between me and embed.ly and it can be easily overlooked. 


Thanks bunch!