Adam Arthur

Is there a way to request community features?

Discussion created by Adam Arthur on Jun 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Adam Williams

I originally submitted this as an idea, but since the community is outside of Bridge it did not make sense there.  I think that the community is actually on a product called Jive, however I was not sure if anything could be done with its configurations.  If I could, I would request the following features.


  • An easier method to associate ideas (archived or not) and questions & answers (archived or not) to each other.  (I imagine that this would be similar to tags.)  For example 'See Also: Improve PowerPoint Import ' outside of the normal comments.
  • Allow people other than the initial creators of the idea to add/suggest tags.  Currently I can only tag my comment responses which may or may not help with others searching for related ideas.
  • Change the follow ability to not just be spaces, but maybe tags.  (This could also help when community members do not have all of your products but want to vote on ideas for the ones they do have.)
  • Ability to mark something as a task or star for follow up later when you have more time.  (Granted that this can be done when a message is received in Outlook, but many people do not use tasks there either.)


If none of these things are within your control, then I understand, but just wanted way to express the concerns or potential needs.  Please feel free to add any other feature ideas or improve/eliminate some of mine.  I do not think this fits in any of the categories specifically unless I should mark all of them.